Gulf Chemical

Reducing fuel system damage

The internal corrosion of fuel storage and distribution systems can cause a variety of problems in both ground and aviation fuel applications.

These issues include:

  • Storage vessel and pipeline leakage
  • Contamination of fuel with particulates
  • Blockage of filters and screens from corrosion material
  • The requirement for expensive maintenance

Approved corrosion inhibitor additives are designed to protect against these problems. Gulf Chemical produces class-leading corrosion inhibitors for use in storage, pipeline and aviation applications.

Our corrosion inhibitors impart anti-rust properties to fuels and provide excellent corrosion protection to fuel distribution systems.

The inhibitors are surface-active ‘polar’ molecules, which attach themselves to metal surfaces. Once attached, the molecule’s oil-soluble tail forms a water repellent layer over the metal.

Protecting pipelines

Corrosion is the main cause of pipeline leaks, an issue which creates millions of dollars worth of damage every year. Where they occur, pipeline leaks can have substantial cost implications on refiners and operators, in terms of clean-up and remediation requirements.

Corrosion inhibitor additives prevent corrosion damage to the fuel storage and distribution system. They are particularly effective in protecting the pipeline hardware from damage and reducing the threat of leaks.

Aviation specifications

Corrosion inhibitors are commonly specified in aviation fuels – often referred to as Corrosion Inhibitor/Lubricity Improvers (CL/LI) – as a solution to help in the reduction of engine wear. Our approved aviation fuel corrosion inhibitors serve a dual function – they improve the fuel’s lubricity as well as protecting the fuel system against corrosion.

Solutions for every requirement

Gulf Chemical’s corrosion inhibitors are designed to meet the wide range of approvals commonly required for corrosion inhibitors in both ground and aviation applications. Two products in the range are approved for use in jet fuels.