Gulf Chemical

Increasing fuel economics

Our range of fuel oil additives (FOA) is designed to improve refinery blend economics. The diverse additive portfolio adds stability to cracked component streams, allowing refiners to increase the proportion of lower cost streams in the finished pool of a middle distillate.

Reducing instability in cracked streams

Fuel instability is caused by a series of polymerization, acid-base and esterification reactions during refinery processing and blending, as well as during fuel storage. These reactions result in the degradation of fuel color and the formation of acids, gums and sediments.

These complex reactions are often catalyzed by the trace quantities of metals found in lower cost ‘cracked’ streams. Fuel instability is therefore a more significant issue when cracked materials are blended into the distillate pool.

Unstable fuels can have a variety of negative effects, including:

  • Filter blockages in distribution and vehicles
  • Damage to fuel lines and tanks
  • The formation of engine deposits

Stabilizing effect

Gulf Chemical’s FOAs stabilize heating oils, gas oils and diesel fuels by eliminating the formation of gums, insoluble residues and colored bodies.

The extensive range consists of core products, which have one main function, alongside more complex multifunctional packages.

The benefits provided by our FOAs packages can be further extended by adding other additives from Gulf Chemical’s Fuel Specialties range. Products such as our corrosion inhibitors or metal deactivators can be incorporated into a FOA solution to meet specific refinery requirements.

Our team of experts can support refiners by developing customized solutions to their unique problems.

Gulf Chemical’s FOA range includes core components and multifunction additive packages.