Gulf Chemical

Gulf Chemical is the official Kaydon distributor in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. We stock and provide robot bearings in singular part numbers and in the form of integrated maintenance bearing kits.

Kaydon bearings and related spare parts are used for 200 mm HP™, HP+™, VHP™ and VHP+™ robots, and for 300mm Centura®, Endura® XP™ and VxP™ robots, RTP SBR™ robots and Producer® robots. Kaydon bearings are a direct replacement to existing OEM part numbers installed in AMAT tools, LAM (Brooks) and Novellus (Brooks) robots.

Kaydon aftermarket ceramic bearings incorporate several design elements and lubricant upgrades that together increase bearing life and reduce contamination.

Kaydon Bearings for Semiconductor Manufacturing:

Kaydon has the Thinfinite® engineering expertise to develop precision bearing solutions for each step in the silicon chip manufacturing process. From robots to mechanical polishers to photolithography equipment, Kaydon Reali-Slim® thin section bearings provide a space-saving design for smaller, lighter, simpler rotating devices.

Our Thinfinite® selection of Reali-Slim® bearings can be customized and optimized to minimize friction, outgassing, contamination, corrosion, and even wear, without sacrificing accuracy. Special optional materials and lubricants may permit operating temperatures above 250°C, vacuum levels of 10-8 to 10-12 Torr, minimized particulate generation, and tolerance for corrosive chemical environments. Hybrid bearings can improve torque characteristics and extend life for marginally lubricated applications.

Kaydon Super Duplex bearing assemblies are an ideal solution for high speed, smooth torque applications. Super Duplex bearings feature a common race with two bearing paths that are ground at the same time and “run-out” together. This unique design helps to smooth out the potential added torque that would be caused by variations in axial runout. Kaydon cartridge bearing assemblies take this design a step further, with both a single outer and a single inner raceway to provide the absolute best possible torque performance. Like the Super Duplex, this design eliminates potential alignment and orientation installation errors that can result when using duplexed pairs of angular contact bearings.

Shields or seals can be added without increasing bearing space requirements. Seals are often used in atmospheric environments, while shields are ideal for vacuum and other ultra-clean environments. Because shields don’t quite touch the inner race, there’s no torque penalty or particle generation.

  • Reali-Slim® thin section bearings
  • Super Duplex bearing assemblies
  • Cartridge bearing assemblies
  • Custom bearings

  • Inspection equipment
  • Wafer probers
  • Sputtering equipment
  • Wafer transfer systems
  • Dispensing
  • Pick and place robotics
  • Measuring systems
  • Test head
  • Positioners
  • Dicing equipment
  • Lapping equipment
  • Vacuum deposition systems
  • Wafer steppers
  • Probe stations
  • Arms
  • Wafer trimmers
  • Wafer scrubbers
  • Wafer polishers
  • Thin-film deposition systems
  • CVD systems
  • Etching systems
  • Mechanical polishers
  • Atmospheric & vacuum transfer
  • Robots
  • Test heads
  • Manipulators
  • Megasonic cleaning systems
  • Spin dryers
  • Photolithography
  • Mechanical polishers
  • Die bonders


Kaydon Slewing Rings for Heavy Equipment

As a major supplier to heavy equipment OEMs, Kaydon designs and manufactures slewing ring ball and roller bearings with diameters from 4″ to 240″. We apply Kaydon infinite® engineering expertise as we work with designers of heavy equipment to provide the most cost-effective, value-added bearing solution for their application.

Kaydon Slewinfinite® slewing ring bearing solutions feature Kaydon infinite® engineering expertise and exceptional customer service, making Kaydon the North American slewing ring bearing leader.

Take advantage of a Slewinfinite® number of solutions, both pre-engineered and custom, to find the ideal solution for optimal economy and capacity in a given envelope dimension.

Kaydon slewing ring bearings feature integral external or internal gearing, mounting holes as desired, rolling elements, and raceway geometry to maximize static load carrying capabilities, and can be easily modified to specifically suit a given application.

  • RK series: medium-duty slewing ring bearings to 48″, commonly in stock
  • HS and MT series: heavy-duty slewing ring bearings to 48″, commonly in stock
  • HT series: four-point contact ball slewing ring bearings to 66″
  • KH series: precision slewing ring bearings to 37″
  • XT series: four-point contact ball slewing ring bearings to 240″
  • DT series eight-point contact ball slewing ring bearings to 240″
  • XR series: cross roller slewing ring bearings to 240″
  • TR series: three row roller slewing ring bearings to 240″
  • Special designs: ball/roller combination, multi-row roller, thrust and radial ball and roller bearings

  • Construction equipment
  • tunnel boring machines
  • mobile cranes
  • aerial work platforms
  • excavators
  • utility vehicles
  • tower cranes
  • Marine
  • offshore cranes
  • mooring systems
  • portal cranes
  • shipboard cranes
  • azimuth thrusters
  • Steel
  • electric arc furnaces
  • ladle turrets
  • turnstiles
  • manipulators
  • Forestry
  • loaders
  • feller bunchers
  • debarkers
  • Bulk handling
  • stacker reclaimers
  • ship unloaders
  • bucket wheel excavator
  • Mining
  • hydraulic shovels
  • bucket wheel excavators
  • haulage systems & scoops
  • thickeners



All Kaydon brochure and catalog documents listed below are Adobe PDFs. Download the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.spacerspacer
Bearing applications guide Bearing applications guideBearing applications guide  NEW!
spacerCatalog 300 Catalog 300 (2014)Reali-Slim ball & roller bearingsCatalog 300: all pages  NEW!Reali-Slim® part number identificationSection 1—Introduction
Introduction to Reali-Slim® thin-section bearings: product line, design efficiencies, load scenarios, product availability, specificationsSection 2—Selection tables
Reali-Slim® open bearings
Reali-Slim® open bearings, stainless steel
Reali-Slim® sealed bearings, seals & shields available
Reali-Slim® sealed bearings
Precision tolerances & recommended fits for Reali-Slim® open & sealed bearings
Endurakote®-plated bearings
Precision tolerances & recommended fits for Endurakote®-plated bearings
Reali-Slim MM™ metric bearings
Precision tolerances & recommended fits for Reali-Slim MM™ metric bearings
Metric BB ball bearings (drop-in replacements for cross-roller bearings)
Ultra-Slim® bearings
Precision tolerances & recommended fits for Ultra-Slim® bearings
Reali-Slim TT® turntable bearingsSection 3—Applications engineering
Bearing selection
Capacity, life, and load analysis of Reali-Slim® ball bearings

Section 4—Separator types and performance
Separator types
Peformance: limiting speeds, torque, axis deviation

Section 5—Mounting, installation, and maintenance
Inspection & installation procedures
Lubrication & maintenance

Section 6—Other products
Bearings for demanding applications (material codes S, P, X, Y)
KT tapered roller bearings

Section 7—Appendix
Terms & definitions
Request for bearing proposal data form
Warranty information & legal notices
Conversion factors chart



Catalog 390 Catalog 390 (2011)
Slewing ring/turntable bearingsCatalog 390: all pagesSection 1—Introduction and overview
Introduction, product overview/selection guide, application imagesSection 2—Technical information and guide
Function, selection, application, features, propertiesSection 3—Installation and maintenance
Design considerations (for the equipment designer)
Installation & maintenance (for the equipment builder)
Maintenance instructions (for the equipment owner and/or user)
Appropriate grease lubricants
Section 4—Slewing ring/turntable bearings tables & ratings
Slewing ring bearing tables & ratings
RK series, four point contact
HS series, four point contact
HT series, four point contact
MT series, four point contact
Pinions for RK, HS, MT series
KH series, four point contact
XT series, four point contact
DT series, eight point contact
XR series, cross roller
TR series, three row rollerSection 5—Specialty products & services
Specialty products & services
WireX® wire race slewing ring/turntable bearings
Custom slewing ring/turntable bearing capabilities
Remanufacturing program
Endurakote® plating for corrosion-resistant slewing ring/turntable bearings

Section 6—Appendix
Specification data sheet
Warranty information & legal notices


Bearing remanufacturing program Bearing remanufacturing programBearing remanufacturing program brochure  NEW!
spacer Kaydon Bearings - specification data sheetsCustom bearingsSlewing rings/turntable bearingsOther brochures

Kaydon Commercial Aerospace brochure  NEW!

Kaydon’s Wind Turbine Pitch and Yaw Bearings brochure  NEW!

Kaydon Oil & Gas brochure  NEW!

Kaydon stainless steel thin section bearings for harsh environments

How Reali-Slim® bearings outperform other thin section bearings

WireX® Wire-Race Bearings brochure

Reali-Slim® bearings part numbering system

HS Slewing Ring Bearings

Remanufactured Bearings by Kaydon for Heavy Equipment

New Replacement Bearings by Kaydon for Heavy Equipment

Kaydon Mining brochure

Kaydon Aerospace/Defense brochure

Aftermarket bearings for tunnel boring machines

Slewing ring bearings for tunnel boring machines

Engineered solutions: Reali-Slim® bearings mounting guide

RK & MT series slewing ring/turntable bearings

Bearing selection for low-speed applications  NEW!

4-point bearings do triple duty while saving space  NEW!

Why bigger isn’t always better: the case for thin section bearings NEW!

Nine questions to ask when specifying a slewing ring bearing NEW!

How to extend the life of your slewing ring bearings

Stop bearing corrosion before it starts

Key trends in bearing lubrication

Kaydon new capacity calculations for thin section bearings

Gearing up your bearings


Chinese language downloads
Chinese language downloads

Catalog 300 (2010) Reali-Slim® ball & roller bearings

Catalog 390 (2011) Slewing ring/turntable bearings

Kaydon Bearings Performance brochure


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